Why I Became a Massachusetts Mediator

I have been practicing law since June 10, 1975, and for many of my years, I have been a trial lawyer in the District Courts, Superior Courts, Land Court, Federal District Court, Massachusetts Court of Appeals, Supreme Judicial Court and, most of all, the Probate and Family Court.

I continue to practice law as a litigator almost exclusively in the probate courts dealing with divorce, post-divorce actions, modifications, contempt, equity actions, enforcement actions, custody, paternity, and removal of children from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Also in the probate court I litigate contested wills, contested estates, contested guardianships and conservatorship.

Over the past several years I have seen many frustrated people who bring in agreements that they attempted to prepare themselves, acting pro-se, or unfortunately from inexperienced professionals that may have been enticing due to a low fee. This has been particularly frustrating to me because in the long run, these individuals end up spending many years of frustration with inadequate agreements and many times spend quite a bit more money to modify all of which is lacking in their current agreement.

Most recently, I have listened to some of my clients who have made inquiry about mediation, asking: “What is it? Should my case be mediated? Do you do mediations?” As a result of years of looking at agreements that are not quite up to par, and in order to better provide my clients the opportunity to try to resolve their cases removed from the stress of the contested forum of the courtroom, in 2016, I completed an intensive training in Boston to become a Certified Mediator. I am proud to report that I now have the certified designation as Mediator who can offer his clients confidentiality. Only a Certified Mediator can provide to his or her clients the assurance not to be compelled to testify in court or deposition about the content of the mediation. In short, all information provided as part of the mediation process is protected against disclosure.

As always, I am prepared to represent you in litigation which I have done for over thirty years and will continue my trial practice. But due to the requests of my clients, I went back to school and can offer you Mediation if the circumstances permit. Please call me, and let’s talk.


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