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Alimony Reform Revisited: A Basis and a Defense

As we discussed in a previous blog, Massachusetts Alimony Reform is now law.  People who are 67 years old or older and have retired may bring an action for modification beginning on March 1, 2013.  Others who wish to bring their actions based only upon the time limits for alimony payments must wait until that […]

Mediation v. Litigation

(originally posted on February 16, 2012) There are many benefits to ADR, otherwise known as Alternative Dispute Resolution.  The procedure is more civilized.  Lawyers can be involved and participate in the process.  The better mediators encourage the parties each get an attorney.  The often asked question is why do you want an attorney if […]

Divorce and the Impact on College Admissions and Educational Expenses

Imagine if you will that your son or daughter in the latter part of senior year of high school has performed well on standardized testing as well as overall grade point average and is reviewing on the internet possible selections for college applications.  University of Massachusetts at Amherst is perhaps  $30,000 to $40,000 less than […]