Client Review

Thank you Dan, it was a pleasure representing you.

5.0 stars

Posted by Dan
on May 9, 2013

I love this man. He is absolutely the best! I wish he could take care of all my legal needs.

My girls were taken out of state by their mother. She said they were never coming back. I called around and spoke to other lawyers and they all kept saying how hard of a case this was going to be. And obviously concentrated on getting 5k to 10k retainer without giving me any hope what so ever. I spoke to Phil and he said to come on in so we can get the kids back to the Commonwealth ASAP. Phil said he would make her return and he did. She was in the process of getting a fraudulent restraining order against me in another state because I was not there to defend myself. Phil reached out to someone that is a member of a huge association he is a member of. The lawyer defended my position and served her the same day. The kids were back in Mass a few days later and we had our day in court! Needless to say it was a very good outcome. Living in a state that is notorious for favoring the mother, makes me feel lucky to have found Phil. I can’t end this without mentioning Phil’s staff… EVERYONE in the office is a joy to deal with. Bottom line is Phil gets results. Period.

Side Note: After a while the ex and I started speaking on a somewhat civil manner. She told me that she had such a hard time getting a lawyer on such short notice. She said the lawyer she really wanted refused the case because she told him that Phil was my lawyer and he didn’t want the case to affect his win loss ratio!


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